If the fbc1010 plugs in to the amp, do you need a midi to record? Or, will a few mics going to a mixer board with a usb work good enough? [1 Attachment]


Thank you for attaching the manual. My amp has 100 presets.  I had the understanding that I could put any preset # on and bank and pedal?  Is that wrong?  I need to switch banks to reach higher presets?  The YouTube videos are not good and they are confusing.  I will read the manual

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Page 21 of the manual details how to set up your amp for MIDI. The FCB1010 transmits on MIDI Channel 1 by default.

Pages 25-26 list the Presets. If you did the 1+7 factory reset, the FCB SHOULD be set up to control the amp to the extent that it's capable, which probably just means selecting presets. You'll have 10 banks of 10 presets.
Bank 00 = Presets 1 - 10
Bank 01 = Presets 11 - 20

That's probably all it does, but then, I haven't read the entire manual. It is, after all, YOUR amp.......

I'm attaching the manual, in case you had trouble finding it.