Momentary CC, ControlCenter v2.0 doesn't have Preferences menu

David Theriault

Issue Summary: I’m trying to use my FCB1010 to control a Boss RC-202 looper using CC. After receiving a CC message, this device requires a ‘reset’ message before it will accept a new CC message. Sending the ‘reset’ requires a second footswitch click, which is unacceptable for me (its a looper in real time). I would like to send the first CC (e.g. controller 82, value 64) on the press down of the footswitch and the reset message (e.g. controller 82, value 63) on the release of the footswitch.

Situation: After finding out that the standard v2.5 prom can’t do this, I have recently acquired the unO v1.0.4 and purchased the Controlcenter editor. The decision to do this was based on reading the following from the unO 1_0_4 user guide manual
[Page 7, section5] ‘A special case of “momentary toggling’ is implemented: in this mode, a CCmessage with programmed value is sent when clicking a footswitch, and the same CC message, this time with value 0, is sent when releasing the footswitch. This mode is enabled in a very specific way: by setting the alternate CC valuee to 1 and disabling the CC toggling. ‘

The Problem:
When I manually program the FCB1010 in the way described in the user guide (pp. 18 to 22), it doesn’t work. Nothing happens on FS release. (Toggle mode DISabled for CC1), Alternate value set to 1. However, it is certainly possible this is being programmed incorrectly and the instructions have some level of ambiguity about them.

When I try to use the ControlCenter editor, this seems to be missing the key feature that would allow the momentary toggling: the preferences menu is not present as described in the v1.4 of the UnO_ControlCenter manual, page 15 so it is not possible to set CC value toggling.
I don’t know if it is intentional or not about the missing preferences pane but it is certainly confusing that it doesn’t match the manual.

So the questions are:
- is it possible to do this? i.e. send a CC message 82, value 64 on FS press down, and the message 82, value 63 on FS release? (yes, those are the values allegedly required by the RC-202.)
- is it correct that momentary toggle for CC1 is enabled by DISabling toggle for CC1 and then setting the alternate value to 1? I think I need to be able to set the alternate to 63 for the reset to the RC-202.
- is the ControlCenter Preferences menu not necessary? If not, where should CC Toggle pref be set?

Extra info: I’m using a Mac with 10.13 and using MTBX and MIDI Monitor to help with diagnosing messages.


You need to use a Stomp (Stompbox Mode). Click on the Sustain Pedal Icon (not the Stompbox/effect icon). Configure the Stomp per the attached screenshot.

David Theriault

that did it !  Many thanks.

( a minor point seeing how I don’t need it, but do you have any idea about the Preferences menu in ControlCenter? )


Per Preferences - I use Windows, and have never encountered that problem. Only thing I can suggest is to give a shout out to Ossandust.


The Preference menu is not in Mac version...

David Theriault

Yes, the Preferences menu is not there.  (Or are you saying it is not supposed to be there?  In that case, how does one manage the 3 'preferences' items ? )

For info, separately, outside the, I've heard back from FCB1010 UnO on my query about the missing preferences - they have acknowledged something is amiss and they will investigate.


And the create PDF function creates a blank document... only in Mac version.


I haven't updated yet, no reason, but it does work (pdf) in the PC version 1.0.7.


I have released a new Mac version for ControlCenter, v.2.0.1, which seems to solve the issue with the missing Preferences menu.
( Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce the problem with the "Create PDF" function. Seems to work correctly here both on macOS High Sierra and on macOS Catalina )