New Install; MIDI Programs Can't Connect #UnO2


I am a MIDI and FCB1010 newbie, so please bear with me ...

Today I installed the UnO2 v1.2 chip into my Behringer FCB1010, and then connected it to my PC (MIDI in>out, MIDI out>in).  I registered the firmware, and now when I turn on the FCB1010, the LED display should three dashes: " - - -".  When I launch the UnO2 Control Center, and then choose "FCB1010" > "Connect", the bottom of the app window shows that "An FCB1010 with UnO2 firmware is connected.  Firmware version is 1.2."  After this, the FCB1010 LED display shows "00".  

But if I open up the MIDI monitor and press any button or expression pedal on the FCB1010 ... Nothing happens.  The LED display still reads "00" and no messages are shown in the MIDI monitor. 

I then tried using the FCBUnOControlCenter app.  My MIDI ports are set correctly, and I have configured the app to "FCB-UnO" mode.  When I click the "Connect" button in the upper left ... it never connects, and just times out.  (This worked previously with the stock Behringer chip while in the "FCB1010" mode.)

When I launch the MIDI Tools app from Mountain Utilities and try to view ("record") MIDI input messages, nothing is ever received.  (Again, this did work previously with the stock Behringer chip.)

So it appears that the FCB1010 with UnO2 chip can is recognized by UnO2 Control Center, but that's it.  

I did start reading the UnOControlCenter manual, but I'm wondering ... Did I miss a step in the setup process?  Or is it just that the FCB1010 won't do anything until I program a "setup" in the software and then transmit it to the device?


Jack Fenton

You will need to write an UNO2 program of some sort, otherwise, you will get no MIDI.  You should be able to find an example somewhere on this board.  Essentially a new UNO2 controller is a blank slate and will send nothing until you program it.


Awesome - thank you for confirming!


What is it that you are trying to control?
In the FILES section, if you look for "EJ's UNO2" you'll find a number of sample files for controlling various popular HW and SW devices and programs, along with brief explanations of what they do.


I found that folder in the files section, and loaded up the "Amplitube" setup.  All good!

I'm planning to learn more about MIDI and possible use the FCB1010 to control a variety of things ... but step one was just to get it up and working.  I'll play around with using it with Amplitube, and then go from there.

Thank you so much for your guidance!