Question about Uno management program


Have a couple of fcb units.
One original firmware(latest) and one with uno 1.
Is it correct that the editor from uno website, can manage units with both the uno1 and 2 and the original Behringer firmware as well ?

Second does any of the uno firmwares allow for the fcb to be controlled via midi. So that i could change the fcb banks from my keyboard?

Thanks in advance
Steven leander


UNO_ControlCenter works with the stock chip and UNO1.
UNO2 is a totally different animal, and comes with it's own editor included in the price.

EDIT: The FCB is one-way communication only. It is a MIDI CONTROLLER, and cannot be controlled by MIDI.


was just reading in the uno2 changelog that v1.3 (work in progress) is hoping to implement MIDI control of the FCB1010:

- add-on : possibility to remotely control the FCB1010 through MIDI IN : 
           CC 00 nn = GOTO BANK nn
           PC 00-09 = click/release footswitch 1 - 10
           PC 14-15 = click/release Down/Up switch