Replace Uno with original eprom, question


Hi. Can we put back the original FCB1010 eprom without encountering any problem after having used the Uno eprom in the FCB ? This question comes to me because we have to initialize the Extended memory of FCB (in pressing keys 9 & 1 while switching it when an eprom Uno v1.0.4 is installed on the board. Best regards. Pierre


No problem switching back to the original EPROM. When upgrading to UnO the initialization is required because UnO firmware uses storage space which isn't used by Behringer firmware, therefore this memory may be in an indefinite state. That's not the case the other way around. 
After having used UnO with stompbox mode it's a good idea to first disable stompbox mode and store a "regular mode" setup in the FCB1010 prior to switching back. Stompbox mode stores its presets in different places (19 banks of 5) than regular mode (10 banks of 10), so preset order would be mixed when switching back directly from UnO stompbox mode to Behringer firmware.


Thanks ossandust !