Trying to understand if UnO can achieve an ableton workflow

Rob Capo

I have a particular workflow I want to achieve and I’m trying to understand if it could work with FCB+uno+clyphx.

I want to have three independent guitar tracks controlled in bank 0 and three independent bass tracks controlled in bank 1, the guitar and bass tracks would be divided among the 5 patches in each bank.

The first patch would assign stomp box controls to looper on guitar or bass track 1. I’d assign boxes to the big looper button, undo, clear, stop, and maybe one other. The second patch would assign stomp boxes to FX on track 1. The third and fourth would do the same but for guitar or bass track 2, and the fifth would be FX for track 3 (no looper).

I want to make sure I can reassign the stomp boxes (maybe using clyphx) and have the LEDs update to the current state when I change patches.

Is this possible?

Jack Fenton

I know of no way to remotely update the LED's of an FCB-1010 except IO mode of the EurekaProm. It comes at a cost however as it puts the burden of intelligence complete outside of the FCB-1010. Very similar to SysEx mode of the Roland FC-300.


I can only speak to what the FCB/UNO can do.

First, communication with the FCB is one-way only. You cannot make the FCB do anything remotely (clyphx?).

As long as the Stomp buttons are sending toggling CCs, you can cause the LEDs to reflect their status by setting up the preset to send ON, OFF or NO CHANGE on preset load. For example:

Stomp 1 set to send, on preset load, ON (first value - 127) - the LED is ON, and the next time you press Stomp 1 it sends OFF (second value - 0).

This can be done for all 5 Stomps, and can be set separately for each preset. However, keep in mind that you'll be using the same 5 CC#s in every preset, you can't use different CC#s in different presets. Also, once you start configuring presets/stomps this way, all presets you're using need to be configured, else the LEDs won't change and nothing will be sent when a preset that's not configured is sent.

The attached ControlCenter sysex screenshot illustrates this: 

If you load Preset 1 the Stomp LEDs will be On-Off-On-Off-On. The FCB will have sent 127-0-127-0-127.
If you then load Preset 2 the Stomp LEDs will be Off-On-Off-On-Off. The FCB will have sent 0-127-0-127-0.
If you then load Preset 3 the Stomp LEDs will remain Off-On-Off-On-Off, and NOTHING will have been sent (other than the PC#).

Again, LED syncing ONLY works with toggling CC#s. 

Hope this helps.

Rob Capo

Ah that’s super helpful. I think the EurekaProm might do exactly what I need. Ableton has plenty of ways to write scripts and hooks, so dumb device is probably easiest. Then all my workflow logic can be in ableton.


Jack Fenton

Please read carefully the EurekaSound site which describes how IO mode works. For me it it great but otherwise it is pretty dumb so the application will need to take on the full burden of the logic.

Not saying it won't work, just saying be careful and read up on in before you jump in.

Rob Capo

Thanks Jack, I’m currently going through max for live tutorials and creating a patch to see if I can keep all of my logic in a single M4L device triggered by static midi messages.