UnO2 ControlCenter - MIDIMonitor question/request #UnO2

Mike Watkinson

So I have just discovered that MIDI Monitor has a feature that lets you send test MIDI messages to DAWs etc without using the FCB1010 (or send any tests to the pedal) - which is great, except that I can only get it to work if the FCB is actually attached via MIDI interface. I'd really like to use this on my old Mac in a different room for programming and testing etc without having to plug in the FCB1010.

So - is there a way to use IAC virtual MIDI driver to get this to work? (I have enabled it - UnO2 ControlCenter sees it but reports "The version request bounced. Maybe there is an FCB1010 connected with firmware other than the the Uno2" - but there isn't).

If this is not a thing for MIDIMonitor currently - could I request it in some future update?

Or - is there some third party software tool that could be pressed into service for sending test MIDI messages to my DAW? (I have found plenty of virtual MIDI keyboards - so note messages OK, but nothing that can send CC etc)

Many thanks :)

Jack Fenton

I can use MIDI Monitor with other devices and no pedals attached. You will not be able to use UNO2 editor however, unless the FCB-1010 is attached.

I typically use MIDI Tools from Mountain Utilities for sending arbitrary MIDI data for testing.

Mike Watkinson

Thanks for the reply. For me the option to open MIDIMonitor from UnO2 ControlCenter's Help menu is greyed out unless a pedal is connected. Is there another way to open it?

Thanks for the tip re MIDI Tools

Jack Fenton

Well I'm on Windows and I have a stand-alone MIDI Monitor application on my system.  I think when I downloaded UNO2 Control center it installed the stand alone MIDI Monitor application as well.  So I just double click the application for MIDI Monitor. I can open ports and send and receive MIDI messages.


I would think there are quite some free applications for sending MIDI. On Windows MIDI-OX is a very good tool. I don't know about Mac, but a short google search suggests