UnO2 pedal tipswitch heelswitch dead zone range customization


I really love the tipswitch function that comes with UnO2. Unfortunately it seems that the dead range (zone between max value and the tipswitch) is fixed in angle. I want to stick some foam beneath the pad to mimick a switch behaviour, but it seems that requires a fixed height. Is there any way I can stick any height of foam in there and re-calibrate the pedal again to set a new dead range?


Actually the height of the foam is not very critical: as long as it prevents the pedal from going straight to the end of adjustment range it will prevent the switch action until you give it an extra push. I don't think you will notice if you reach the end of effect range already a few milimeters before you hit the foam.
Of course you can try to optimize by moving the pedal not all the way down during recalibration, but that would be somewhat trial and error to find out if this improves the pedal action.   
( I will be creating a feature request list for future improvements. Adding a more elaborate calibration procedure could be a good add-on, it would allow you to specify the start of the dead zone )  


Hey Ossan

First of all, thanks a lot for your great work on the UnO and your swift support. I'm very new to the whole FCB1010 group but am already quite positive on all the support one can get here from great people like you!

I have played around a bit and it works for me now. Just for you as feedback: I calibrated the pedal front position by pressing down full force, and expected the behaviour like you described (switch activation only when reaching the end i.e., the front-most position). I put a foam piece of ~3-4mm (the ones you stick under furnitur to protect your floor) under the pedal, but the switch was still activated when I lightly touched the foam. Same happened when I put two pieces on top of each other. Now I have 3 pieces sitting atop each other (>1cm thickness) and it works perfectly for me. Just when I hit the foam, the final "127" value is sent out and when I press slightly stronger, the switch signal is sent out. As you can see, it took a while to find the sweet spot.

I'm very happy with how it works now, but of course would find a calibration add-on amazing! :) It would also be cool to be able to manually set a shape to the curve :)

Thanks again and look very much forward to playing around further.


Manually shaping the sweep curve was possible in our Gordius MIDI controllers : 

It wouldn't be possible in UnO2 firmware simply because the FCB1010 doesn't have enough setup memory to store the custom curve. We were able to provide the choice between linear, "fast rising", and "slow rising", because those predefined curves could be stored in the firmware PROM.