#UnO2 Uno2 + BIAS + KatanaMK1 #UnO2


Hi folks,

Just got my FCB and UnO2 chip today.  Got it up and running and tested with BIAS FX2 -- all working great!

What I really wanted though and why I got the UnO2 was to send sysex to my Katana and was surprised that my first try worked!

I'd tested some stuff before ordering to make sure I could talk to the Katana and all worked fine (thanks to Gumtown, snhirsch/katana-midi-bridge, KatKontroller and many others messing with the Katana).  The UnO2 code was written to use the top row for patch changes and the bottom row for stomp boxes.  I used channel 4 and 5 for the Katana stuff and 1 to 3 for BIAS (just CC and PC).  I haven't developed it much more than that, but will likely try to get the expression pedals controlling volume and wah/pitch/fx.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone.  File is in the Files section under Uno2 + BIAS + KatanaMK1 (I think it could pretty easily get adapted to the MK2).

Let me know if you have any questions / comments.

Thanks and regards,