Uno 2 controlling lighting chases

Mike Bullock

Hi All.
Looking for some help with sending note on commands to trigger chases on a simple lighting (hardware) controller please.
I want to be able to tell the controller to (for example):
Run chase number 1, then when I send another command to run a different, I want it to cancel the previous chase, IF one has been sent. In other words, any new command cancels any previous command.
I realise this is probably simple programming, but I keep going round in circles - I have 5x chases set up which I want to start using the FCB1010, but each command needs to stop the previous one.


Attached is a sample of how to do it.
Since I'm not familiar with your HW, you may need to change the velocities or the placeholder Note Value of 10.
The basic logic looks like this:


Preset 1 =
      SendMidi LIGHTS NoteOff $RUNNING 0
      SendMidi LIGHTS NoteOn 11 0
      $RUNNING = 11

Mike Bullock

Hi EJ, many thanks for that - I'll give it a go tomorrow
Much appreciated :-)

Michael Schultz

Hi Mike,

I run a rig that has a DecaBox,  It converts MIDI to DMX.  So from my FCB1010 with UNo2 I am changing 3 separate lights to different settings for various songs and parts of my arrangements.

Mike Bullock

Thanks Michael, I'll look into that too :-)

Mike Bullock

Hi EJ,
I am looking at what you sent me (please bear with me, I have no programming experience, so am not 100% sure what your coding is actually doing).
Here is how I currently have the lights that I want to control set - there is another program which runs automatically whenever I 'disable' any of these:

PRESET Green = 
   SendMidi X32FADERSLIGHTS NoteOn 120 127
PRESET Dark Stage  = 
   SendMidi X32FADERSLIGHTS NoteOn 121 127
PRESET Spots Only  = 
   SendMidi X32FADERSLIGHTS NoteOn 123 127
PRESET Bright White = 
   SendMidi X32FADERSLIGHTS NoteOn 122 127
PRESET Blackout = 
   SendMidi X32FADERSLIGHTS NoteOn 126 127

As I said I use the top row (5) buttons to switch on these 5 different looks - the lower 5 buttons are controlling a different piece of equipment.

Would you mind just helping me with my particular setup please?.

My lights are on MIDI channel 1

Many Thanks,



Here ya go!

Mike Bullock

Many thanks EJ!

On 22 Oct 2021, at 02:50, EJ SHELDON <bluesrock13@...> wrote:

Here ya go! <Lighting MB.txt>