Uno Control Center on macOS won't register


Need some help.

I've got UnO 1.0.4 chip and have purchased both Control Center vr1 and vr2. I've been unable to keep my registration saved in Control Center.

Works great until the local host name of my MacBook changed then I have to register every time I open the Control Center software. If that is annoying enough, all of my saved .lgp files no longer work. Any time I want to load a saved .lgp, I get a "It looks like you are using an illegal version of ControlCenter!" error after pressing the Send patchdump to FCB1010 button.

When I contacted info@..., he told me to rebuild my .lgp files, which I did the first time this happened but now the error has come back again. I don't want to have to rebuild my profiles continually.

I did notice that even though I get a "Registration succeeded. All features have now been unlocked!" message after I have to register EVERY TIME I open the Control Center software, the "about FCB1010 Control Center" windows displays an Unregistered version messages above my name and email address.

My setup:
MacBook Pro (MacBookPro11,5)
macOS 10.14.6
Control Center 2.0.1
UnO chip 1.0.4


The license registration is based on computer name. I notice that our license server contains multiple registrations from different similar computer names with your license key - the computer names contain some random number. From what I read here ,  this can be caused by having 2 Macs with the same name on the network. Our licensing mechanism has been adapted to cope with Macs having multiple different computer names, but there is an upper limit... I will email you with further instructions.
After checking the editor source code I notice that the "illegal version" popup is related to this issue. Unfortunately I had to add some obfuscation code to counter several hacker attempts trying to shortcut the license check. The specific licensing problem you encounter is incorrectly detected as a license check shortcut, resulting in the mentioned popup. Will no longer occur once the PC name issue is solved.